I wanted to go home very badly, before I go to temerloh for my paediatric posting
Tp i really don't have time
Initially I thought our class ends at 10am on friday
So I went to terminal bas makmur and bought plusliner ticket to kl at 11am. I had to pay RM17. Habis duit..
Then I was informed that we have class at 11. I decided to skip the class.
I wanted Abah to send me to temerloh on sunday, but most unortunately he is scheduled to fly
Ummi told me to buy ticket from shah alam to kuantan on sunday morning. And when I arrive in Kuantan, I have to go to temerloh tumpang kereta kawan- another 2 hours lg perjalanan.. penatnya
I bought it and I paid RM20. Keluar duit lagi..
Suddenly there was an announcement in the class..We have surgery posting at 3pm on friday!
Most probably it would end at 5pm...
Ticket bas semua dah habis..
I had almost given up the idea of going back..which made me cry again. Sedihnyaa
I went to terminal bas makmur again to sell my ticket. I got half of the original price.. huu dahlah ticket mahal, dpt pulak duit burn camtu.. sedih jugak. tp inilah challenges that i have to face..konon2 tabah la tu nak jd medic student. if dah kerja lg la tak tahu mcmne.. agaknye dpt jumpa husband and anak2 seminggu sekali kot -sigh-
Suddenly abah call, suh balik jugak coz i have to sign few legal documents..
terpaksa cari flight ticket and buli kakak to fetch me at the airport..
or i have to buy bus ticket kul 1 pagi..
and i prefer the latter because it is cheaper
but a friend scared me by saying ada perompak etc
And abah will insyaAllah send me to temerloh on sunday as his flight will insyaAllah arrives at 4pm!

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