I decided to call it a day, after lingering around Emergency Dept, yearning to learn how to do venepuncture (take blood) and insert the branula. Today I have clerked a 9 year old  patient with Beta Thalassaemia, a 2 year old girl with Bronchial Asthma, an old lady with pleural effusion. I have closely observed a procedure called pleural tapping and witnessed 2 venepuncture procedure which were unsuccessful huhuu darah tak keluar pun..

For the first time, I joint in ward round. There was a patient with COPD. In other words, he smoked too much and developed some kind of illness in his lung, which makes it really hard for him to breath. When I looked at this pakcik, i myself felt like I couldn't breath.. the psychological effect that was borne by just looking at him. He was using the oxygen mask, and yet he still breathed using his mouth. He nearly collapsed because he was too tired, and yet he didn't dare to lie on the bed or lean against the pillows, for fear he couldn't breath. I met him at 11 o'clock in the morning and when I came back later, at nearly 2pm, 
he was still in the same position.. The sound of the oxygen, and the sound of his breathing which could be heard from afar.. I just don't know how to potray my feeling.. He did that to himself..

I encountered a patient. Obviously he was not alertor oriented but he was conscious or rather in a delirious state. A young man, his mother was taking care of him, patiently waited by his side. He tried to say something to us, but I couldn't understand.. and a colleague warned me against going near him. as he had HIV infection and meningitis- an inflammation of the brain covering. I told my colleague that the young man tried to say something, and he sinisterlyand insultingly said that this man wanted my phone number. He was a drug addict.. and he did that to himself..

There are so many patients in the hospital whereby they have self-afflicted disease. I really pity them and yet sometimes I feel angry. Really a doctor should not be emoional.. Ahh a preacher is not a judge.. they call with love and they

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