My Family Doctor

A pure initial intention to search for cystic fibrosis ended in me jotting something in this blog. While my right right eardrum is again and again being hit with a sound that is supposedly be a midsystolic murmur, I just can't make anything geniously audible out of it -sigh- heart murmur is just not my stuff for the time being.. -sigh again- And I have to keep reminding and repeating to myself "This is a midsystolic murmur"

My mind freshly remembers the day of my sister's engagement.. when most of my relatives teased me of medical things. Nak mc, nak ubat etc. I humbly and shyly (the exact word should be 'shamefully') avoided those teases. One saying that famously travels around in the medical community is "When you are a medical student, you become famous. But once you have graduated, nobody cares about you anymore". In one way or another, that saying is extremely true! Nobody cares about doctor.

However, what touched me at the most sensitive spot of my heart (or is it liver?) was a saying "La takyah risau. tanya je doktor ni. Doktor kan ada". My uncle said that when 1 of my aunts had headache and wanted to take pain killer. My reflex answer was "La, ada doktor senior, lagi terror. Ummi tu, semua penyakit dia tau". My mum

My mum was my doctor when I was a baby. She was my doctor when I was a toddler. She was my doctor throughout my schooling years. She was my doctor when I entered matriculation. Now I am a Year 3 Medical Students, she is STILL MY BEST DOCTOR! She is just a housewife. She may not know pathophysiology of diseases, she may not know mode of action of drugs, she may not know pharmacology extensively, she may not know many things that I have learnt in medical schools, and yet she makes the best doctor in the world!

I am now staying 300km away for her, but she still utilizes the communication technology to give me my nutritional and health lecture, to remind me to buy multivitamins. She never fails to continuously and repetitively explain how infection can spread from one person to another, and how important 
vitamin C is to boost my immune system. I just can't imagine my life withouth this superb doctor! Thanks ummi
I truly love you

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