Best ke bertunang?

I have to complete my slides for my Hypothyroidism seminar this tuesday, but my mind just won't stop wandering.. Macamana agaknya orang bertunang rasa eh? My sister is engaged, and she is excited head to heel over it. I mean she keeps saying "Tunang saya..." until her friend feels nauseated huhuu. Some people date their boyfriend, of course that is against syariah. Some people doesn't date their boyfriend, but after engagement, they go on dating... Hmm that is slightly better but still against the syariah. Some people don't date their boyfriend and don't even date their fiance, but they hang on the phone all night.. that is mmm slightly better although it involves gray area (syubhah).. Some people don't date their boyfriend or fiance, don't even call but they SMS each other.. ???? Ada yg tak contact langsung till kahwin?

Some people are engaged for few months and they get married. Some people are engaged for 1 year and 
they get married. Some people are engaged for few years and then get married Whoaa. 
And some people are engaged and then they break the engagement.. 

What do all these people feel? Best ke ada couple, or best lagi bertunang, or best lagi takde couple, suddenly terjumpa Mr Right and terus kahwin? Hmm I don't know...

Islamic advice: Jangan ber'couple' lama-lama, nanti bertambah dosa. Hmm jaga jaga and jaga maruah diri, though of course everybody knows it is hard

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jaed said...

tak cuba maka tak tahu, eh?
bleh ke cuba cuba.. hm..