What a hard life.... at least for me

Today is thursday, and today i should b going back to kuantan. I decided to go back by the university bus, at least i don't have to pay for it. But in the end only me n a friend wanted the bus, as eveybody has decided to drive back to kuantan..

Hmm i feel kinda.... sad i guess. well the trip to kuantan by car is not a cheap one. Maybe if i calculate RM10 per trip, i have to rake out RM20 per week for return trip. And for 1 month I have to spend Rm80 for the journeys. I haven't even calculated the daily trip to the hospital..which again i have to pay for the fuel. And we do car pooling. Sigh- what an expensive life..

Ummi said I have to follow the crowd.. I can't have the university bus when there are only 2 people who are going to ride it, huh? I have just started to train myself to be -well you know- sort of a humble person, who can endure hardships in life.. and yet here I am whining again and again..
What a hard life.. at least for me...

I was very firm when I said I could be strong staying here in Temerloh. I was quite firm when I said I could sail through clinical years humbly. I was at least a bit firm when I said I could be independent.. and yet here I am whining again and again, fretting over the tiniest obstacle that i have to overcome... what a hard life.. at least for me..

No worries, I'll try my best to go through it using my own ways.. Laa tahinu wa laa tahzanu.. inallaha ma'ana!

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