A tribute to dearest Kakak

Kak, tomorrow will be your convocation day, and I won't be around to share the joy. I can't even fulfill your request to be presented with a bouquet of roses.. I have to be in the ward tomorrow and it is just not possible for me to be elsewhere.. Each of us has chosen the path in life in  which we should bravely traverse.. Though sometimes I just feel too tired to continue and move on.. 
but you have been a great help in igniting my motivation. Offering words of wisdom, all the while helping me to realize where do I stand. Your achievement today symbolizes that you have really tried.. And I truly believe that you can reach a higher goal!
You have proven that success comes with determination, and of course with Allah's Mercy & Guidance.. Congratulation! I am more than sure that Abah and Ummi are SO PROUD of you.. 
and so am I. All of us are, indeed!
Get your Masters & PhD A.S.A.P!!!!

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