I'll try

Something is hacking my brain! I read on dyspnea and cough for 1 week, from the very book that I have borrowed from JHC library and yet I still can't comprehend what I have been reading!!!! Ape ni? melalut tak habis2.

By the way, my case presentation was a very bad 1, that i was very sure it was very toxic to Prof Aye Aye.. poor her who had to endure the fatal toxicity; similar to an infant's brain when afflicted with kernicterus.. poor her. 
And to note that I just grinned stupidly at her, pretending I don't understand anything, making 
sympathic and innocent face at her.. she must had been boiling inside, impatiently waited for the presentation to end! sorry Prof Aye Aye hehe.

I'll try to improve next time. I'll try to be better.. really I'll try!

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