A seminar which was very informative, eventhough I just have to admit that the long presentation group by group was really... nauseating (gosh, such harsh word!!). Thanks to Prof Arif who was very motivating. I shouldn't say we kind of created an utopian dream, because we belive it wasn't. To create hospitals and produce health workers who practise Islamic teachings.. it is not impossible at all. But of course we have to islamize and islamicize ourself first, given we were born muslims!

Should a muslim b allowed to do O&G?? I don't think so! Let the muslimat deal with it. I wouldn't want to be examined or have my baby in the future delivered by a male doctor! And yet the bros felt that it was not fair to discourage them from doing O&G!! Sometimes I feel we are so dissolved in the system that we have now, that we feel it is normal for a male to be an O&G specialist.. It is their right to choose, it is inborn...?? I wonder, does it really work that way? Common bro, choose something else, 
and make way for the sisters to do O&G! Hey, we are muslims! And yet we kind of lost our identity. The male deals with male, the female deals with female. If it is dharuriyyah, yes then a male doctor may deal with a female patient.. but if a male doctor primarily chooses to specialize in O&G, attends the 4-year course and all the while having full knowledge and awareness of what they are going to deal with in the years to come, once they have graduated......DO WE STILL CALL THAT DHARURIYYAH?????? Ok ok I am getting emotional here.. because I just hate a male doing O&G! As simple and as clear as that!

Or maybe I should be a male specialist instead? hahaha what is happening in this world? everything is in topsy turvy, every single thing is going upside down!


jaed said...

haha, dah jumpa dah private doctor for my wife n family, doktor maryam

im wif u sis, forget those bro in ur class :P

Ummu Ameer said...

InsyaAllah provided your wife and family live in KL =P