From a mad'u (one who is preached) to a dai'e (preacher)

Do not try to understand..
For I do not wish to open up
Do not try to explain..
As I have closed my ears shut
Do not try to mould..
me into something that I am not
Do not make me do..
Anything that I really dislike
I hate your instruction,
I despise your forcefulness
Do you realize your sharp words
Would slice my heart
I want your guidance, and I want your care
I want to be clearly shown the right way
And yet it is hard to endure
The threats and anger that you pour
I want to be advised in a loving manner
And I want to walk by your side
To follow in your footsteps, hoping I won't err
I try to accept you just the way you are
And let me be the true me

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