I always end up here!

It is now 1:32 am. Having just woken up from my obligatory beauty sleep almost 1 and a half hour ago.. by right, by the law of Allah for nature (sunnatullah), I SHOULD BE STUDYING RIGHT NOW! and yet I end up turning to deaf ear (which is of course my poor blog) and ramble some more. 2 rakaat of tahajjud prayer would be far more beneficial of course, and YET i am STILL HERE -sigh-

Trying my best to make my brain figure out what should best be done or how should I go about, should a a patient presents with cough or shortness of breath. My lacrimal gland almost secrete excessive tears in response to the matter of cough and shortness of breath given that I have been thinking unfruitfully over this issue for approximately 1 week! -sigh sigh- Well of course i can think randomly, but it just won't fit in my personality and YUP I AM TRYING to create a template and a flow chart here hahaha. not again!! -groan-

I have started to think that the main prob here lies within my hypoactive brain. Malasnyee nak fikir. I am one of the Malays. It sounds like 'malas'. In the medical dictionary, one can find the word 'malaise'. It is pronounced as ma-leys which again sounds like malays and eventually evolves into malas haha. Malaise is defined as a feeling of general discomfort, a bit like lethargy or fatigue. I think the word 'Malays" is jinxed!! -GASP-


Anonymous said...

heheh yes i can see that you really were 'rambling' last night.. hehehe keep up the good work.. now i know where to go when i'm bored.. --> Your blog.. hihi XD

Ummu Ameer said...

eewww i feel SOO INSULTED hehe =P