Few notes on my life in temerloh

I tried very hard to find time to write something here.. well you know just to document my days.. Whoa and i find paediatric posting in Hoshas (Temerloh Hospital) is not as relaxing as told by the seniors.. definitely not a honeymoon period for me, but it sure is as exciting and as happy as a student can be. Living with friends in a house (please note, a very rare experience indeed living in a house with friends!!!) is fun! Yup the word is fun! I share a room with mimi, and it seems like in the old days when we were roommates dated back in matriculation years! Solat jamaah, discuss cases, sharing foods.. huu i feel like having this life forever..

Of course I do miss usrah, my AB in kuantan, the hectic Islamic activities..

But of course posting is quite tiring. I had to spend like nearly hour just to listen to the heart & breath sound of a patient! Well I am dealing with kids here -_-...!! To build a rapport with them is not an easy task at all.. although i do find few kids who are very friendly and cooperative.

And tonight will be my first on-call day! Got to catch some sleep before I collapse in the ward tonight huhuu.. I am sure there is a drum team making a performance in my head.. because my head is banging hard

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