Cleanse and purify

I just take some time to scribble down something here. Just came back from temerloh, now in Kuantan, it is a no wonder that i aspire to be sleeping beauty and jump out of consciousness for a satisfying period of time.. but truth is, I am UP! As if to be up early can be counted as the eigth wonder of the world  -sigh- It is not even the wonder of my own world.. But let me tell something "I am sleepy". Again, I am sleepy. Ok that's it- I am sleepy. Full Stop.

Ramadhan is coming.. Ramadhan is coming!!!. I feel quite anxious and excited simultaneously. Anxious when I wonder whether I can make full use of the much-awaited month, or whether I can really experience the beauty of the month, or whether I will manage to improve and return to the fitrah of man which is purity.. And I do feel excited to have a starting point during which I have to start forcing and training myself to work hard to become a better muslimah =)

Ramadhan is the reason for everybody to improve his/her relationship with Allah almighty. Ramadhan is the starting point.. I want to try grabbing each seconds that ticks away in the month of Ramadhan, and so should each of us.. Happy Ramadhan and enjoy it to the fullest! :)

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