Lingering around.....................

Background nasyeed: Now I do by Waheeda

Now is 7:27a.m and I should either be in the toilet taking my morning bath or I should be outside, ready to go to the hospital. But fact is fact, I am still here lazing around with Lavender-chan since after Subh. Whoa.. get moving sister!!

We were informed that TODAY we have to share per patient among 4 students!! And I don't have class today, so I guess there's no harm in being a 'bit' late huh? Memang takde kerja je kat hospital. If I were to disturb others' patients, it won't be appropriate and nice will it? So using the sole reason of completing my slides for my seminar this friday, i think i am unguiltily taking extra time hanging around huu

My seminar will insyaAllah be on Hypothyroidism. Huu such a wide field which I have to cover. But no worry, I still have time insyaAllah provided that i won't brood the whole day and refuse to force my muscles to sweat out. Let me see. let me see. 

Should take my breakfast now, and off to HoSHAS!!


nanafarhanna said...

hypothyroidism? hehe sounds too familiar to me.. :P

i'm doing a research on iodine content in drinking water.. haha sbb iodine deficiency nyer prob kat australia..

n literature review aritu pon psl iodine deficiency.. so ade la sikit sangkut paut ngan hypo&hyperthyroidism tu..

tajuk yg menarik.. best2..

Ummu Ameer said...

oo so memang betul ke water content ade iodine deficit? long way for me to go.. long way..

nanafarhanna said...

ha'a.. dlm air usually ade iodine, sikit la depends on the location.. slalunya tmpat2 jauh dri laut kurang iodine sbb iodine mostly dtg dri laut..

kalo location tu byk penyakit goiter or pnduduk die ade iodine deficiency, slalunya iodine content dlm air tu korg.. so crops yg dorg grow pun kurang iodine..

iodine penting utk thyroid hormone kan, n mild iodine deficiency leh kurangkn IQ..! so kene byk mkn seafood, nt kurang pandai.. hehehe