Anti climax =(

I was excited to find out what awaited me in the ward today.. and I was extremely- you can say- upset when i got a patient with AEBA- Acute Exacerbated Bronchial Asthma. Ok, if you still feel the name is quite unique and too medical, it is simply a case of asthma or lelah. Huu. I am doing everything I can to appreciate this, it is a very common thing, 
as common as flu, and you won't feel excited to deal with one -sigh-
When I mentioned bout the case to afriend who was assigned the same case. he couldn't hide his disappointment (though I don't know whether he tried to hide it hor he purposely showed it to me), and well I couldn't help but to follow in his footstep, celebrating the regret hahaha

But matters twisted in a more exciting turn, favoring me today -Alhamdulillah- when I was given the chance to clerk a case of prolonged jaundice (demam kuning tak baik-baik) in an infant who is 45 day old. Though I have to meekly admit that we ended in a blind alley, trying to 
find our way out of the maze of confusion of what kind of disease did the baby actually have.. we did have few guesses.. 
And when in the evening we presented the case to Dr Wong (a paediatrician), we learnt that the condition might be a life threatening condition. While Dr Wong took the responsibility of breaking the bad news to the poor anxious mum, 
I wonder how would I handle such delicate matter, If I were to be in the mum's shoes...

But Allah has placed our heart at ease when He guaanteed that He won't burden a heart except with what the heart is able to endure. And we should continue to pray that we will be able to withstand any test bestowed on us.. And the test will raise the level of our faith.. May our hearts remain calm only in the remembrance of Allah ameen.
La Yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha..

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