My sisters =)

we used to be the three princesses
who fighted to marry the sole prince (omar =P)
we used to be the three daughters
who were forced to wear same baju kurung during raya
we used to be the three kampung girl
who played mak2, and built our own 'house'
we bathe in the hot noon sun till it set in the west
and kept forgetting to return before maghrib
forcing abah to lock us out of the house
though kakak was then a bit too aggressive
famous with her 'pinch-to-bleed' technique
I was a clean-freak,
who shrieked at the tiniest bit of thing strewn on the floor
And asma was definitely a slow-pow
Who took longer than a snail to complete a task
We spent many a times
Dreaming to live in a wonderland,
While our eyes are glued to the Disney cartoon movie
And our voices sang to the tune of Disney songs
And we danced to the steps that we created
then we moved on to a different phase
when beauty and appearance were of topmost important
it was i'm sure a brain damaging experience for ummi
when us trio raided the super market shelves for whitening cream
Or emphasized the importance of using facial cleanser 
Acne cream was next to join in the shopping trolley
Immediately before handbags and high heels were jotted in the shopping list
The crazy phase remained for just a short while
Though the handbag & shoe craziness persist
By then we started to glance into the future,
All the while encouraged by abah and ummi
Though I knew they intended to make us realize
How important education and career is
We stubbornly were more interested
In finding rich and handsome princes
To take our hands and lead us into a fairytale life
To change three fairytale princesses into three mature muslimah
Is definitely not an easy task

But through thick and thin of life
We learned that the journey is not as easy as it may seem
And for a rose to bloom gracefully
It first has to adjust to live and endure the thorns
Then one by one
We graduated from schooling years,
All the while feeling relieved adulthood greets welcome
University was not a choice but a must
Forcing us to choose different paths 
We started to be far apart
Forcing me to miss your laugh and smiles
Your stupid jokes and stories
Or just your presence by my side
And make me feel complete again
InsyaAllah in the near future
One by one we will start to have our own families
I do feel weird..
And I do feel scared
but it is just the nature of life
which i have to accept..
But whenever we are together again
I still tow my pillow and blanket to your room
I am still available for the midnight nasyeed concert
We are still the three princesses, and we are three mature muslimah insyaAllah =)


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