God bless you

Alhamdulillah today I have presented my seminar
And today the 3rd year medic sisters have iftar jamaie.. can't wait to meet all of them!
Today I have promised myself to read on pathophysiology of kidney diseases
And I have promised myself to start working on my case write-up..
Baca quran bila pulak..??!
Today I really miss abah and ummi
But I manage to pray for them only
Today I have decided to be a better person..
although I don't know how or until when can I remain
Today I slept a lot
And my head feels like bursting
Today I learn that to choose medicine means to choose a very hectic life
But a khaleefah is destined to have a hectic life, isn't it?
And today I learn that if I can't withstand the tension, I should just change my profession
And today I learn that even if I want to quit, there is just no way out
So I am left with no other option except to happily accept with what I am given
And I am looking towards a brighter and happier tomorrow
What would that be?? Rahsia..!! =)
Sometimes I feel like I am standing on a boat. the boat is getting me somewhere.. but I am standing among those who whine, and among those who gripe and moan.. And I do just the same
I am cranky and I am standing among the those who are grouchy.. So it just makes sense. But whenever we are together, we still make something wonderful out of this, and we actually enjoy each other's company! That's weird, but true huu
To someone who spices up my dull life.. thank you!
The ex-assistnt prog manager of ihya Ramadhan, i don't know whether you are still involved in it this time around.. tp you made a good assistnt PM, i was so proud of you. I still remember the heart-insulting discussion for achieving the hard-to-make decision of whether to accept or not to accept the post.. due to some irrational and unthinkable brain-damaging low self confident thus making a fatal claim that you don't deserve to hold that post.. aha that is soooo YOU! =P
Just one thing- ISLAM IS FOR EVERYBODY my dear =)
May Allah bless you!

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