I need Elixir of Life

Very rarely I get to update my blog nowadays. Just like my energy that is always drained out dry from my body, so are my words and thoughts.. which escape to mercilessly leave my mind empty.. 
and my soul draughted of expressable emotions..

It is the ramadhan spirit! Spending 1 whole day in the hospital, for every single day of the week..And class on each day of my weekend, nothing is more attractive and inviting, other than my cosy cot. A place where I shoo away all the tiredness at the end of each day, 
and the very place where I fret and regret the beginning of new day, meekly fighting the sense of losing..
losing to the gigantic and muscular wave of life's troll, i always wonder how much farther can i go? again and again, when reality hit me hard in the head, 
a path that i have at one time chosen, do i really have the valor to continue on??... 

It is the place where I try to picturesque a not-so-charming future.. perhaps? And again hoping that everything would take a nice and wonderful turn.. how much longer could I wait? -sigh- Really I am too tired of waiting.. There is nothing else I need other than elixir of life to handle my fragile being, which I absolutely can get from the King of kings.. Arghh What is life all about? It is about serving Him..

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