My greatest thank

I was prompted to write this.. because a handsome man bought something for my mum this morning..

I was busy finishing making pineapple tart (tart gulung) when suddenly someone knocked on our door. I opened it, and there a handsome man stood silently. He greeted salam and walked in, while in his right hand, he held a black bag. 
Ummi was cooking rendang and ayam masak merah, when the man appeared in the kitchen. Curiously Ummi asked regarding the black bag. He just kept quiet,  and remained mysterious. Everything about him was mysterious enough! It was supposed to be a working day, and there he was clad in his uniform. Suddenly he called my name and presto! my mum was wearing a black fur coat haha how glamorous.

Actually ummi and abah plan to visit umar in france this december, and abah bought him a black fur coat since it is now winter time. I laughed. Really I laughed out loud; looking at how glamorous ummi was. Ummi laughed too. The man just smiled naughtily. And i feel at ease deep inside.. To anybody, they may appear as merely an old couple, but they mean everything to me. 

Thank you, abah for bringing that smile on my mum's face. Thank you for being the best leader i have ever had, thank you for protecting us all. And thank you ummi for taking good care of my abah all these while.. Thank you for respecting him, thank you for being patient with him. They may not be the most romantic couple, or the most perfect husband and wife, 
but they have taught me a lot on how to deal with life. They have gone through a lot, since the moment they made vow to be husband and wife, and open the pandora box, not having the least idea of what life has to offer.. and through tears and laughter, they manage to make it till very ammazing
Thank you for making me realize that for a family to function, it needs lot of effort. I will try my best to be like you!

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