Depressed more than ever

Because i am in extreme depression right now, that would be a legitimate alasan for me to ramble here!! And please, nobody is supposed to know the real me, i am being anonymous here! So I am not trying to exhibit hikmah or being extra kind or polite to anybody.

Kenapa la orang yang dah kawen tak nak layan psgn masing2 dengan elok? Pakai cantik2 for each other, bercakap baik2 to each other, and do all the romantic things that loving couples do???? Ni serabai, selekeh je. Sedih je tengok keadaan camni.

Best tau tengok orang yg dah kahwin and ada psgn yang HALAL bermanja-manja dengan each other.

KENAPA PULAK orang yang belum kahwin asyik nak jaga penampilan and ckp2 lembut2 to each other? Kenapa nak romantik2 and do all the things that UNMARRIED COUPLES SHOULDN'T DO??

MELUAT and NAK TERMUNTAH and DEPRESSING tau tengok orang yang belum kahwin ni mengada-ngada kat each other.. A reminder for MYSELF jangan la buat camtu coz everybody would feel the same way towards me!

whatever la. EVERYBODY has the tendency to do that, cuba tanya sapa2 semua memang suka buat camtu, but.... control la sniri huu. I am getting more depressed than ever.. huuu

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Anonymous said...

u r rite.. but i think those unmarried couples which yg 'bermanja-manja' are actually lost in each other until forgetting the surrounding (heedlessness aka 'ghafil').. . it is good if those couples try to behave correctly once realized of their mistakes.. let's pray for them & us to be on the right path... normal to get angry at them, but these are 'sick' people, n we need to try our best to treat them, by will of Allah swt... never be hope-less toward them..