My messy mind

Finally i have the time to laze around in this imaginary & unrealistic world, surfing the global waves in the sea of identification-searching accounts.. just name it- friendster, facebook, my space and the list continues to unroll a very long parchment -sigh- Gosh! we are insiduously being digitalized!! Nevertheless, it manages to make me forget -just for a while- that examination is just a week away (WHAT??). And please excuse me if i am bestowed with amnesia or alzheimer, because i just can't remember what have i done the whole block! At least i am still a bit orientated to realize that i'm now in paediatric posting.. and a very faraway memory hints that once i have been in temerloh hospital -sigh- feel like i cannot do a simple thing as simple as obeying the command "Do CVS examination" or "describe the patient" (the patient is a Down Syndrome pt). Please don't bother when i politely ask for a simple favour, "Allow me to brood" huuu. I should be working harder, shouldn't I? Because never in history, a warrior in the cause of Allah marched to the battlefield and gain glory the easy way. The key is: Work Hard and leave everything to Allah after that. Tawakkal. And I can never tawakkal until i believe i have done my best (which of course i still haven't achieved yet huuu).

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A.G.M.G said...

hehe..we r at the end of posting... i suddenly suffered from 'parkinson' when was asked to elicit shifting dullness in a short case last thursday.. hehe... weird2...