Movie marathon

i tried to read the Browse textbook, but without any intention i fell asleep for 2.5 hours pheww from 1.30pm to 4pm, MasyaAllah!! And since sleeping was like entering a cinema, i have to admit that i accidentally  i watched few movies this afternoon huu. One of them was a repeated movie, and few others were new to me.. in OBVIOUS words..i had few dreams this afternoon, and frankly, one of them was a dream that i had before this. It was repeated! 
Hmm tulah tido lama sgt..

I dreamt of a patient whom i had met in the hospital. He actually had Protein-Losing Enteropathy but in my dream, he had HIV positive.. It was such a sad dream and it proved that I miss going to the hospital.. And in the same story, I was bringing my mum to the hospital to visit a relative, my mum was fragile and old, and i did my duty as a good daughter, protecting her and such.. which made me feel sad when i woke up, because i don't know whether i will do that in the future..
Would I be able to allocate a part of my timetable for her in the setting of my hectic life as a doctor..Would i be able to take care of her just like the way she took care of me when i was small? Would i be able to be by her side when she needs me most, just like her presence by my side when i  need support and a friend? Ya Allah help me to be a good daughter..

I did not plan to go back home after the examination, but suddenly there was an urge.. an inner voice which forced me to re-think.. that i should be by my parents' sides while i still have the chance, the space, the time..

Do appreciate your parents and treat them as nice as possible =)

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