Case Report from X Files

Known case of
1.Chronic depression
2.Complex Brain Wiring Disease
3.Severe Anomalous Perception
4.Persistent cardiopathy, resistant to treatment

Chief complain:
Chronic sleep for.... day duration + personality changes for... day duartion

History of Presenting Illness:

Hearing inner voices telling her to get her beauty sleep and probably acquire hints for the exam in her dream as well
Having illusion- misinterpret her laptop as probably a cake with white frosting which should be delicious to sink the teeth into, or joyous for the intestinal villi to do overtime work of absorbing all the electrical calories

With hepatomegaly, I would like to make a provisional diagnosis of this patient:
Paroxysmal Never-mentioned-before Hopeless Syndrome

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A.G.M.G said...

hua hua hua... damn funny.... :))