Extra rajin

I have just arrived home at 6pm today. At 8pm, I had already browse the Browse's surgical textbook huu. It was not because I was an extremely hardworking student, but because i was 
overwhelmed by the guilt of not doing my best in the last block.. And now I am suffering from anxiety while waiting for the exam result to be ready.. 

I feel like something is swimming right in front of my eyes.. or probably in the vitreous humour of my eyes- that clearly explains what i am experiencing. It is now past 12am.. but when i know that there won't be any wardwork or class tomorrow, it feels like a waste to spend my night time sleeping... so much can be done huuu

BUT really i can't stand it anymore.. extreme sleepiness. Browse, we'll date again tomorrow insyaAllah =)


Anonymous said...

felt that guilt too... already started to read-up the anatomy of the abdomen... no more time to waste time.. hmm...

Ummu Ameer said...

Alhamdulillah, glad to know that at I am not alone in tolerating the cruelty of guilt!