Thanks ukhti =)

An achievement which I should immortalize in my very own The Most Impossible Book of Stale Record- I actually managed to stay up late last night and wake up early this morning just to complete the past year exam questions!!!! Thanks to a great comrade who managed to make 
me feel obliged to sweat it out hehe. Alhamdulillah, but in the most regret tone, I have to meekly 
make a non-apologizable confession to her, that I slept straightaway after her 'holy departure' from my room =P It's the qishas system- sleep deprivation should only be compensated with sleep.

To be very truthful, I miss going to the ward and tire myself to listlessness with GCS of 3 huuu..


Anonymous said...

Oh, you changed the format of the blog. Anyway, I just dropped to check as usual.


ummu ameer said...

aiyaa, this blog pun ad stalker ke? huu, wasting ur time lah. still in the evolution process- x siap change lg..

stalker said...

Kekekekeke. Stalker=a reader who doesn't like to comment much on what he/she reads or the blogs he/she visits or comes across in that process for whatever reason, like he/she is a lazy person, didn't enjoy what he/she read and therefore felt there was no need for a comment, or is simply not interested since he/she just came across the blog/website/page at a particular moment. It doesn't mean the "usual" stalker that has bad connotation and such. Hope you understand

Ummu Ameer said...

hmm itu la yg dimaksudkan wasting ur time huu because this blog
1. should not be interesting to anybody except myself
2. is not beneficial to anybody
3. the contents are such heavy insults to the brain
4. doesn't have all the criteria of the blogs that everyone should read
haha. sorry.. i'm not benefitng anybody by this blog. it is meant for a 3rd space for whining and grumbling =P

stalker said...

It would have been better had you said/wrote: "Look, this is a personal blog about personal issues, concerns, experiences, feelings and doings which don't help other people (at least), but you are welcome to read it since it is already a public blog that's not restricted to a certified reader. However, if you find anything good in it, then pray to Allah that He rewards me for it and pray that you may benefit from it as well. If on the other hand, you find some desestable articles, commentaries (etc), then point it out as a concerned Muslim so that we correct each other in the spirit of Islam and enjoining good."

That's better for you and for me and for all. Anyway, I'm sorry if I have offended you in anyway because that wasn't my intention. But since it is your "personal" blog anyway, I wish you well and may Allah guide us all to His Path.

Ummu Ameer said...

SUBAHNALLAH thank you for your words, good stalker =) Really appreciate it, and will post it after this =)

Ummu Ameer said...

Sorry if i offend you too ok.. =)

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks dear sister. I'm happy now that you appreciate your readers. They are a great asset. I don't like to comment (at all) but if the need arises, I do. Anyway, your own experience helps others to come to terms with their own, so that's why people will visit this and many other blogs, therefore; have less worries because no body will complain that you are writing about your personal life and etc. In fact, it helps others as well as you, since some of them may share their own experiences. (I have stopped referring to myself as 'Stalker' because it is not a good word/tag.

May Allah s.w bless us all. Amen!