Ampang Medikal

Yesterday I was extremely unfortunate to be given the chance to watch Ampang Medikal. Initially Abah changed the tv channel and accidentally arrived at that particular programme. He quickly changed it again, and made faces, while saying "Ni cerita Grey's Anatomy ni". I was curious.. a Malaysian Grey's Anatomy? Then instinctively I changed back, to inspect the Malaysian Grey's Anatomy.. and it turned out to be Ampang Medikal. Oh yeah.. the second Medical Movie by Malaysian.. The first one was of course unnegligible, pathetic TOTAL failure. I am talking about cinta medik here. It spread the idea that medical students do 
nothing other than taking care of their love lives and scandals all the time (I say: How I  would love to do that!!. -while rolling my eyeballs upward, but hey I am not having seizure, though I had history of febrile 
fit when i was small). It was rubbish, I should say.
Ampang medikal is next. Quite interested, i took a more comfortable position in front of the big screen, only to experience an overwhelming disappointment few minutes later.. when i realized it was not different from cinta medik at all!!! How pathehtic. Well they shouldn't be called doctors, but lovebirds disguised in white coats huu. No wonder Abah despised that movie soo much..

Can't they at least produce something near to House M.D? Yeah everybody says something that sounds like "Oh cerita Dr gile ni ke?" but at least I learn many things from this movie, the main bulk of the story is the case. And at least i learnt that causes of anion gap acidosis are MUDPILES, and that pancreatic cyst can be caused by gallstone, or Cushing disease presented with truncal obesity, hypertension etc rather than "Kami nak 
pindahkan pak cik ni ke ICU kerana bimbang keadaannya menjadi semakin kritikal" Huu

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nanafarhanna said...

haha tu laa.. kononnya msia ni nk wat citer psl medic2 ler sgt.. tp lebih kpada cinta merepek2 jer.. bukan nk potray betul2 psl medical n stuff kan.. hoho

tp rasanya budak2 medic mesti annoyed kan tgk citer cmtu.. hehe