Is this a personal blog??..

Somebody make me think, is this a personal blog? Is it meant for myself only? Aren't other people welcomed to browse and scan and read it? Ok, back to basic, the 1st hadith in 40 hadith compiled by Imam Nawawi- It is regarding intention. Niat.

Innama al'a3maalu binniyati, wa innama likullim ri im ma nawa..

Indeed a deed is repaid by the intention of doing it, and indeed for every single thing, i according to what we have earlier intentionalized..

And what was and is my intention of writing this blog? We write to express, we write to convey, we write to share.. And i hope I can share anything 
good with the readers, in the most relaxing way, but along the way I keep succumbing to the downside of human nature and a spectrum of unpredictable roller coaster emotions.. which of course affect my writing. And give birth to the extreme guilt which I am experiencing whenever anybody read this hehe. Well, you see that is life. You are tested by Him, you stumble, but you recollect your strength, stand up and move on. That is how each of us learn..=) Life is so intricate, delicate and wonderful.. rght? I just can't stop myself from feeling awed by all these wonders bestowed upon us absolutely by Allah

Truth is, anybody is Most Welcomed to read this blog IF ONLY he/she can stand all the grumpiness and negativism which i have excellently stored in this page. My advise is, do choose whatever is good for you, and filter out whatever 
irrelevant stuffs in this blog.

I am not perfect, I am not wise, I am not great, I am just a backstreet lady who has nothing to offer, except for concern and care as ur ukhti fil Islam insyaAllah =)


A.G.M.G said...

salam, it would be very interesting if we share what happened in the ward 2day (tuesday)...hehe.. the tachycardia, excessive sweating, palpitation and so on..

Anonymous said...

Some of the links you had are missing. You know it is easy to branch off when one reads the blog to the links you have.