Hari ini aku kalah

Have you ever imagined, life is a competition, a contest, a tournament. Life is for testing our aqidah, our iman, our akhlaq. Life always provide us with choices, but the choice that we make determine whether we are the winner or the loser. Life is a never ending evaluation, 
to see how far can we endure the hardship, and how best we tackle the challenges. Life is very short, 
and eternity can only be gained in the hereafter.

This morning i was due to meet someone. I waited for almost 1 hour ( ONE HOUR!!) before she finally arrived.. i was very mad, and i lost my temper, but that placed me in the place of a MANDATORY LOSER. Astaghfirullah.. i very seldom get angry with people, but when it comes to punctuality... it really ticks me off. May Allah forgive me for what have i done today.. Sorry to anybody who was affected.. ASTAGHFIRULLAH


abdullah said...

To get angry is fine and acceptable even in Islam because we are human beings. We are made of flesh. We are weak and we can lose our control. However, what matters when it comes to anger is how we control ourselves. In other words, if we get angry, would we lose our senses or would we hold ourselves back. It is here that we can know the difference. Note that Allah s.w tells us NOT to get angry (bcoz it is impossible) but to hide our anger when we get angry, in doing so, He makes it clear that those who hide their anger are people of supreme felicity. When He talks about the characteristics of the people of The Jannah, Allah s.w includes those who hide/suppress/overcome/contain their anger. He says:

"Those who spend (freely), whether in prosperity, or in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon (all) men; and Allah loves those who do good." (Al-E-Imran 03: 134)

Ummu Ameer said...


if we get angry, would we lose our senses or would we hold ourselves back.

just what i did.. i lost my temper ='(

Anonymous said...

very hard sometimes to control our anger... we should try our best to extinguish that fire-feeling inside us. that's the mujahadah part... never give up to try to control it... May Allah protects us, i.a. ..