Dude, I've tried my best not to brood, but I still can't shoo away the question "why I am not in the same posting with you???" Dude-Ah-Long.. -sigh- you baca doa tak before the third year came, so that we'll b posted together? -sigh for the second time-. Make sure u pray a lot so that we'll be posted together in year 5 -sigh for the third time-.. the bleak future.. huu

Oh no my pure heart is tainted once again..! by the unacceptable pornographic nude pictures in the Moore (hey it's the anatomy book!) -sigh for the fourth time- It reveals how long a period I haven't opened this book, because I almost forgot of the inappropriate pictures.. but ALHAMDULILLAH i have covered them using the yellow stick-on-notes paper.. haha hanya orang yang beriman akan buat camni =P. Anyway i do think the pics are inappropriate, some of them needn't be shown pun. Needless! -sigh for the fifith time- ok anat, i'm trying to be in "good term" with you again hehe

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