It is now 19:41

It is almost 3 weeks, and yet i haven't forgotten a bit..

I have just finished a bowl of mee sup and I could have sworn that the chef used perencah maggi ayam!! (oops i blow out my own secret that i eat maggi as well haha). Tak aci langsung and the mee cost me Rm3.50 huu

Today marks my 1st day of Surgery posting. After a slightly-more-than-an-hour briefing, we were informed that we have Long Case presentation w Dr JK in an hour time (which means we have to cover the patients in the whole ward, only to find out later that the class was depressingly cancelled!). But at least we have tried our best to clerk all patients despite the ample time whih was sadly wasted to entertain our blurry minds..

I am so tired, and i have promised myself to be a better student this posting (hopefully i remember the promise till the end of the posting =P), excuse me for i desperately need my beauty sleep now before i work out my poor lazy brain shortly..

Everybody, study hard k!

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