My eidulfitr

what does eidulfitr mean to me?

a quiet holiday?
an ending to ramadhan?

a spent my 1st day of raya doing nothing other than reading, chatting with my parents and siblings, watching tv, surfing internet, munching on raya cookies which we made ourselves, trying out new cake recipes and sleeping.. hmm when almost everybody was very busy attending open houses and visiting relatives..

pathetic huh? mcm takde sedare je huu. indeed raya is always a quiet holiday for us, but at times, 
i do feel that something is missing- merriness of a big family gathering..  especially when you feel neglected by others who were busy with their eidulfitr agendas- 
the list of houses which they have to visit, the numerous open-house which await them....  abah had to work even on the 1st day of raya.. tak bestnye nak g berjalan without him.. -sigh-

My advise: best jugak raya kat umah ni, takla penat sangat =P

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