I'm in no mood

It was a tiring day, a day-journey to PPUM to visit a friend who was admitted to the ward. Of course, I took the chance to go back home just for a while. But indeed, it was very worthwhile =) a dear friend whom i haven't met since 3 long years ago (since we graduated from matric perhaps??), which make i ponder again and again, there is a blessing in being ill, but of course that doesn't mean i want all my friends to fall ill so that i can go and visit them hmm.

We were very worried when we received the sms, informing of his hospital admission. And hesitated no more, to make a trip to PPUM. To be very truthful, when we saw the smile on his face, and the fact that he could still joke around chatting away cheerily about his condition, it washed away the worriness. But of course, apa yang tersembunyi di hati, tiada siapa yang mengerti, melainkan Allah s.w.t..

A post which i dedicate to Farid, may you get well soon. We (S3) really hope you will be strong in facing this trial from Allah. And may you always realize you are tried because Allah loves you. And may you always be aware that we are behind you, hoping to offer you support in anyway possible insyaAllah =)

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