Not so good a news

(a bored me in front of the endoscopy room. abang was busy studying for his exam the next day..)

Hospital life is nowhere near interesting..for 1 sole reason, I simply can't understand the language (depressed). Imagine joining a clinic session for 2 hours without understanding what is going on..except when the specialist offer few valuable knowledges. Ward is definitely better with the english-written BHT (bed-head ticket). Anyway I am all the time prepared should anybody ask "Do you gain anything?". Haaa of course! My time well spent with abang :p Twice a week I join the endoscopy, get to see few interesting findings at least.. I'm currently attaching to the gastroenterology unit (and wonder how do I end up in that unit huhuuu)

Abang had his exam yesterday and today. 3 more papers in the line. In the midst of preparing for exam, I disturbed him with my elective. He actually accompanied me in the ward, endoscopy room and clinic. Sigh~sigh I just can't wait for the elective to be over. I managed to complete few notes which I am slowly uploading to the blog..those who want them do celebrate :) I can't believe that I am actually eager to embark the journey of final year.. what???!!! Perhaps because I perceive the old and crumbling HTAA is very much better compared to the foreign slick KAUH hehe.

Abang is still in the hospital, and me? Surfing the net for I skipped (~_^) the round today. It is really boring when he is not around, and now is the time should anybody find me passed out, it is purely due to boredom!! I think this rindu-rinduan is getting malignant when I start to miss him the few seconds he spend in the toilet. Or perhaps because he sulks more than ever, suka merajuk-rajukan with me thus the need for me to either be more stern (jgn pujuk org yg merajuk ok) or to fall for the trick (silalah pujuk dengan bersungguh-sungguh). But I choose the third option which is to merajuk together hahaha. Abang must be very disappointed (^_^). I am suddenly reminded of the verse "Alyauma akmaltu lakum deenakum watmamtu alaikum ni'mati waradhitulakumul islaam madeena" A verse when read by Rasulullah induced Abu Bakr to cry.. Why? Because when Islam had been perfected, it meant Rasulullah's responsibility had come to an end..and so was his life.. The end of elective posting for me means the end of my holiday in Jordan..and in the near future, again abang and me have to brave the life alone... (T_T)

(olive tree in front of abang's house.. the view from his room. and right in front of this window, i'd stare and stare while waiting for him to be back home huu)

Come to think of it, there is 1 thing about Jordan that I really like- the Olive tree... it is practically seen everywhere..and there are few in abang's yard. Gazing upon this shady tree, I feel the aura of being in an arabic country.. And gazing upon it always reminds me of the Surah at-Tiin. Speaking of arabic, abang openly showed his dislike towards tudung arini (the indon headscarf), I mean he dislikes me wearing it, telling me that I look exactly just like an indonesian [and it just happens that indonesian maid are abundant in Jordan huuu (T_T)] So I answered in rebelliosity (teruknya huu) "Kalau dah macam indon, kita buatla kisah Ayat-ayat Cinta kat sini" ?????!!!!!

Anyway, please do not misunderstand that I just laze around doing nothing here because I actually take good care of abang's house especially his kitchen up to the extend that he refused to study anywhere except in the kitchen!! Hehe abang..abang. Siap angkut bantal g dapur lg!!! I sometimes regret that of course, since he prefers to be in the kitchen rather than with me~

(lake of JUST)

Wani delivered her baby, COMEL!!! And more babies to come :p

Life is indeed beautiful with the surprises that Allah has planned :) Alhamdulillah


aliaa said...

When will your baby come Kak Maryam=p

Rokhaizat Rahmat said...

maryam! enti wearing my cloth??????!!!!
heh~ sungguh-sungguhan daku tidak mempercayai bahawasanya corak baju dia sangat sama dengan corak baju saya! (tak puas hati!) tapi sekarang that baju dah tak muat, sebab baby umar dah besaaar.. tunggu qolah maryam balik bawa good news utk ummu umar :))

Ummu Ameer said...

@ aliaa.. alia doakanlah insyaAllah he will come in the near future hehe

@ ijat.. ijat, dah adagood news utk baby umar!!! the godd news is... dah belikan jubah baby umar hehe. tp jubah yg lengan pendek tau