Jordan tour Part 2

On the second day, we went to Mu'tah, performed our prayer in the Mu'tah Univ Mosque, visited the battlefield (again I stayed in the MPV huu), the 2 mosques (Syuhada Awal and Syuhada Thani) which were erected in the memorial of Syuhada in Mutah Battle. We then continued to Wadi Musa and finally to Aqabah. Aqabah is the place for duty-free shopping (it's the Langkawi of Jordan). In Aqabah, they have the Red Sea (the sea where Prophet Musa's enemy were drowned when the sea splitted into two). It is also the junction of 4 countries- Palestine, Jordan, Mesir and Saudi Arabia. I could see Palestine very close. Aqabah is very lively during the night and they have this Cinderella-horse carriage!!! (macam beca kat melaka). Sadly, an accident happened that night, one of the horse carriages was involved in an accident with a car, and the horse died. I didn't have the strength to shop, so we booked in a hotel and slept. By then the vomiting was quite in control as I took the med regularly.

But the next morning, I started vomiting again. I notice that my nausea vomiting are due to excessive gastric acid (which happens to be excessively secreted by the stomach, I wonder why), so when i control my gastritis, I control the NV. Many times, I had nothing left in my stomach but I vomited out thick acid and that relieved me. The problem is, the gastritis couldnt be controlled even with Omeprazole, antacid etc huuu...

Every time after I vomit, I'd feel very weak and I need something to eat. The problem throughout is, I can't eat any arabic food at all, or the vomiting will be even more severe. So abang had to buy me fast food everyday huuu (walaupun abang selalu tension bila beli makanan cthnya ayam KFC, aku mkn 1-2 cubitan, and lepastu dia kena habiskan semuanya huuu). That morning we were busy to start the journey early, but abang bersusah payah nak carikan my meal. Pergi Burger King, Popeye semua tutup, and will only start their biz at 11.. so I ended eating McDonald (which I boycott, but that was desperate huu)

We went to Petra (but I huffed and puffed and managed to walk only up to the entrance huuu), then we went home, arriving at 2am. Mcm2 pengalaman, siap ada kwn abang yg tersesat jalan (they drive their own car, and followed abang), ada jalan tutup and kami semua sesat etc...

Not much pics anyway, I was not well, and I plan to come again (that's if I'm interested by the way) with Ameer next time insyaAllah, and tell him all the majestic seerah of the Prophets.. insyaAllah :)

Today, home sweet home. I still vomit, but my appetite is getting better, I still take the meds continuously huu, and I plan to cook something for abang's friends insyaAllah (a farewell treat?? haha)

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