Baby lagi

Today I feel happy, today I feel healthy :DDD alhamdulillah. For the first 4 weeks..I managed to sleep last night (although I had to go through an NV episode around maghrib first) alhamdulillah again :D The background nausea is still there, the background pain is still there but hey after 4 nightmarish weeks of sickness, that should be more than tolerable! Tomorrow baby'll be 8 week old :D I just hope that I'll be able to cope the long flight back to Malaysia when baby is 9 week old (that's approaching the end of 1st trim, and really I hope I'll be better). Pressure in the flight is low, and I am continuously praying that the gas in my gut won't expand too much huuu

The pain is actually abdominal bloating, that every single night (it is worst during the night), I thought I'd either float in the air (due to the excessive EXCESSIVE gas in my gut, turning me into a balloon) or my gut would burst open, and I wasn't sure which one was better haha.

Really I should apologize to the readers for writing such gross things but oh-well I intend to capture every second of my life into something which can be read again and again later. Baby should read this also hehe, but my most sincere apology is being extended to you guys :p

I guess my hemoglobin is dropping to a significantly low level (now I really want to measure it huuu), and probably the blood pressure as well as the palpitation is getting worst, nak jemur kain pun termengah-mengah. Astaghfirullah, apelah nasib baby huu. The thing is I can't take the supplement especially the iron + folic acid, I'd be vomiting it out in minutes. It tastes really bad. Really can't wait to do my first antenatal checkup in Malaysia, because I want to scan again (^_^), tgk baby lagi hehe. as for me, the 1st trim is not the time to cherish the pregnancy, as sometimes the sickness is so bad that I am more depressed than happy huu. Sometimes abang ask, "Sape yang ngada2 ni? Ayang ke baby?", and I cruelly answered, "Baby yang ngada-ngada" Haha mommy against baby! Really looking forward having a healthy baby who can kick my tummy and respond hikhik, and when I enter the 3rd trim, and I can't see my own two feet I'll start complaining again and hope for the baby to come out asap :) Despite all those complains, baby is one of the best gift that Allah gives to me and abang alhamdulillah :)


Anonymous said...

akak, bole ke naik flight wktu still 1st trimester? radiation of scanner n atas flight sndr bahaya x kt baby?

-bayt muslim-

Anonymous said...

salam maryam,
kalo nk kurangkn rs muntah dan angin satu badan cuba try makan biskut kering slps bgn tdo ... jgn bg perut kosong... alhmdlh sy sndri amalkan sbb sy tgh pregnant 14 weeks.. bgn tdo waktu subuh, sy trus makan biskut tanpa minum air dlu.. bdn sy kurus < 45kg, skrg tgh giat menambah berat badan and hemoglobin level.. take care sister!
ana muslim