Guess WHAT???

Last night I was sick as usual. I ate an apple at 2pm, and I vomited them out (only half digested) at 12am!! See how slow my gut was, the apple stayed in my stomach for 10 hours!! Siap muntah berperisa apple lagi huu

Last night I asked abang to buy me KFC chicken & twister (again uarghhh sehinggakan abang risau takut baby tak cukup zat when mommy eats fast food all the time huu). Abang came back at around 11pm..with the food and something else..

He handed me that 'something else' and said while smiling "Ni untuk ayang", I was in such an ugly mood that I pushed that thing away without even looking at it, the pain was quite unbearable plus the NV. He then handed me the food, I took a bite of the twister (which I immediately vomited out), and abang prepared a glass of hot tea which usually relieves the nausea partially. After the vomiting and diarrhea episode, I took few sips of the hot tea and straight away went to sleep.

Alhamdulillah it was a solid sleep until Subh, when I started having diarrhea and vomiting again after performing my prayer. But that was short, and after that I managed to finish my twister alhamdulillah :) And currently feeling very healthy that I have suggested that we go out for shopping this weekend gah (^_^)

I sat alone in front of the laptop, when I noticed something yellow... and it is actually the 'something else' which I pushed away last night. Guess what???? A set of light yellow hat/ booties/ and mittens!!!! TERSANGAT COMELLL gambar jungle with cute cartoons of giraffe, lion, bird, elephant and crocodile hehehe.

I woke abang up, telling him, "Abang COMELLLLL!!!!!!" I just couldn't feel enough staring at them, huu serious tersangat comel. Abang kata, "Tulah, semalam abang bagi, ayang taknak. Itu Aliaa hadiahkan"

Aliaa, you're such an adorable aunty hehe!!! The first aunt to buy something for baby hehehe. Thanks aliaa :D

Baby is only 7.5 weeks old (3 more days to enter the 8th week) and yet we have started buying things for him ngeee. I'm still out of the complacence area (not until baby is at least 6 months old huu), but I can't resist the temptation to shop for him huuu. If we were to rank the most excited person with regards to baby's arrival, then I'd be on top of the list haha. Guess what?? We have started buying him clothes before I even knew I was pregnant!!!! Although most of the times we are attracted to the sweet pink clothes, we still buy the universal coloured clothes.. mana tau it's a boy??! Hmm... insyaAllah weekend ni nak beli sket brg2 baby before I go back home.

Again, thanks aunty Aliaa (girl, you are an aunt ok, bukan kakak lagi :p)


Hazwani said...

ouhh apple-flavoured vomitus..

i've had watermelon,nescafe,and cookie-flavoured ones! haha..

*isk teruknya medical student cite pasal vomitus*

Ummu Sofea said...


Cepatnya membuat persiapan. Nanti tertunggu-tunggu baby bila la nak keluar. Tapi, sebenarnya membeli belah semasa 6 bulan ke atas adalah lebih menyeronokkan. Sebab semasa itu baby boleh memberikan respon seperti menendang tummy ibu apabila ibu dan ayah mengajak baby bercakap-cakap. Itu cuma pendapat akak. Lain orang, lain pengalaman, lain pendapatnya..

Selamat menempuh alam yang indah buat adik...

aliaa said... are welcome. i was sort of sad not being able to meet you and was busy buying stuff few days before going home. I bought some stuff for my niece as well so I thought what a cute gift if I can by that hat+mittens for your baby.

I was also sooooo excited to see those pinkish stuff (i'm a pinky craze as well) but thought of the same thing. Scared if its a boy.....To be on the safe side, bought something universal

So it doesn't matter if its a he/she it'll be suitable=)

glad you liked it...sorry not being able to pass it myself..huuu