Bila diuji

Yesterday when the depression was at the peak, I read a book with the title "Wanita dirindui syurga'. It's a history book, telling us about the great women in Islamic history including Khadijah Khuwailid, Fatimah bintu Muhammad, Asiyah Muzahim and Maryam bt Imran.

I have read those stories numerous times, but one need to refresh every now and then because each time, it brings new motivation. I was so attracted to the tale of Maryam bintu Imran, who gave birth to Prophet Isa alone, and really alone.. tabahnye... me yg ade suami hardworking ni pun tak bersyukur lagi (T_T)

When we are being tested, then only we know where do our iman stand
When we are being tested, we fall then only we know how to stand up again..

And for this..chaiyok Maryam al Batul Azizuddin!!! Be a strong mommy, be a strong muslimah!

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