I think it was expensive- a 5 minutes consultation + scan at JD 10 (RM50). Well, that's the price you pay to a consultant :( No medication, no lab test. But as I was desperate to do the scan, we tolerated :P

One thing, the Dr was very kind and informative. When I looked at the monitor, the spontaneous innocent exclamation "Oh, it's a singleton!!" came out haha. "Yes" she said laughingly. I replied, "I was expecting a twin!" (dasar tak bersyukur, Allah bagi sorang, nak dua pulak hehe)

"I'll try to find another one haha... but no, definitely it's a singleton!"

She explained in detail, occasionally saying things like, "Now look at the monitor..that's if you still remember embryology" and laughed or, "You should start taking folic acid. Hold on the Pregnacare until 12th week. Folic acid is for the neural tube formation..if you still remember your drug. Do you still remember?" she laughed again

I think she was a lecturer haha who understands medical students amnestic syndrome (haha again) and I manage to give a feeble (ala malu tersipu2) laugh

Enough for the day, and here comes the ugly wave of NV again...

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