Jordan tour- Part 1

Alhamdulillah mommy and daddy's baby is now 7 weeks old :) Alhamdulillah. We have just came back from a weekend trip touring Jordan.

On wednesday, a group of abang's friend from Syria arrived. The plan, made almost 1.5 months ago was to bring me and his friends touring Jordan, that was long before we knew baby has arrived into our lives. That was long before we knew I would become so sick. Suddenly there was last minute change of plan. A family of abang's batchmate arrived in Jordan for their holiday, and she requested that abang became the tour guide + driver for her family. Abang was more than reluctant, because I was then so sick, and he tried his best to find another friend who could take his place as the driver but to no avail. It was a short holiday for them (a weekend before they'd start the new posting), and everybody by then preferred to rest at home or already had their own plans.

There was no other option but for abang to take the job. The issue was who would take care of me? I couldn't even prepare my own meal, and I was so sick throwing up, I prayed while sitting all the time, I couldn't sleep the whole night... as for me I was afraid to be left alone during this crucial time.. so the best alteration that he could made was for him to come back every night without staying in any hotel. It was a tough one of course. A place, Aqabah for example is a 5-hour drive from Irbid (Kl-Alor Star)..

Yang paling sedih, kwn2 abang dari Syria. Abang offered to take care of their accomodation and food as a welcome treat (they are his friends who are very close to his heart). However since their arrival until today (Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun), the best that abang could do was to buy raw food ingredients for them, and they cooked by themselves...sgt sadis.. My case was worst..not only I couldn't cook anything for them, but the smell when they cook anything irritated my gastroinestinal tract to the most...muntah2 lagi. Sampaikan abang terpaksa letak kain2 kat celah pintu to prevent the smell from entering our room haha.

Thursday morning, abang and his friends went to the car rental office, and rented 2 cars and 1 MPV. He came back every now and then to check on my condition. I knew he was so undecided. Many times he persuaded me to join him, never mind the vomiting. I hesitated. (dia nak bawak family melancong, takkanla nak ada org muntah2 lam kete pulak) At around 12 o'clock, I got up, took my bath and prepared for Zohr prayer. I still had to pray in a sitting position at that time. Abang came back and for the last time, he persuaded. He said "mak ayah dia baik, ayang. Ayah dia kate takpe muntah2 lam kereta sebab anak dia pun ramai, dia dah biasa..Dia tak sedap hati abang tinggalkan ayang sorang2" I was crying because I felt so helpless. Without much thinking, I agreed, but I took antiemetic (anti vomiting) beforehand. I took my antacid, my ranitidine, my omeprazole, pack few fruits into the bag, as well as salty biscuits, yoghurts (which happened to be my main meal during the sickness as that was one of the few things that my GI could accept), plastic bags for vomiting, tissue and plain water, and off we went!

On the first day, we went to the Dead Sea and Ashabul Kahfi. Of course most of the time I stayed in the MPV. Another thing I think the progesterone is doing its job well causing vasodilation, inducing me to have hypotension. I have this light headedness, and I can't walk much. I also tire very easily, probably the hemoglobin level is going down as well. The mak cik was very motherly and supportive. She massaged my neck whenever I felt like vomiting, she shared her experience, she gave me many things including susu kambing as she said it's good for a pregnant women. We came back home that night...

(To be continued...)

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