this is my dumpster :D

Probably the Diabetes CPG was made and meant not to be read as a whole (by medical student huu) because after trying very vigorously, it seems like I still can get nowhere with it. Or is it just me??? Hmmm

6 more days to go.. and I'm praying hard for something wonderful to happen huhu. An approved application? Quite close..

I received a wonderful news yesterday. Somebody is getting married? aha!!! :D Selamat Pengantin Baru!

It's the second day of Ramadhan. And I have just received a warning from Abang hahaha. Just to practice Qishas, I presented him with a warning as well. Takut tak? Mesti abang cuak nih hehe. Nak drill your memorization, Abang!! :p

And I can't wait to go to the clinic. Isn't that superbly weird?? I think so huuuu...

By the way, membeli belahlah di gerai SRC/ MRC dekat CF Bro k! Ada jual kurma :)

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