This is the first entry REALLY3 MEANT FOR PUBLIC :D

I don't know how do I end up in the industry, but fact is I guess I am now a self-authorized dealers of abaya, jubah, blouses and tudung huu and huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. It's not my business actually (as I personally think that I should start a business with a different nature, namely.....) but I'm helping my stepmum to expand her business.. and since I like blogging so much, I think abah is trying to hint that I should at least do something profitable rather than mumbling aimlessly here haha, so I guess that's it. Do visit (Yeah yeah I know I'm taking all the fame by putting my name 'Ummu Ameer's Boutique' haha, but hey I am the one who created the new blog geee so I guess there's nothing really wrong with that..) Nak tengok2 je pun boleh, kalau nak beli lagi bagus :D But I have to apologize before hand for the terrible photos, because
1. First, I don't have the wealth to hire a professional photographer
2. It wasn't me (who took the photograph) or else it would be worse
3. My sis took the photos in half an hour, and she had to cover racks and racks of jubah, she was so tired and I think she got a hypoglycaemic attack thus the tremor huhu
4. I was rushing to go back home from my stepmum's house because I had a virtual YM date with A'thiq so I urged Asma' to just take whatever pic that she could and get done with it.

Haven't uploaded many more, so keep checking it out k (the blog) :)

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