Second pessimistic mumble of the day

Can I have the honour of complaining here again and again? Because my personal kaunter aduan is so faraway in Jordan huu, busy with his final exam. I am actually stuck with the case write-up, not having the slightest idea on how should I move forward -sigh- thus the redirection towards this virtual dumpster huhu. It's totally depressing when a patient doesn't even care of his own condition, and yet the doctors have to be the mommy, practically warning them to take medication n such. Haha now I know what did Ummi feels when I very frequently refused to take medication huhu. Speaking about compliance, I think I'm the worst patient ~sigh again~

A Family Medicine case write up is definitely much tougher than the clinical ones e.g surgery, IM. The main reason is because we have to explore in depth regarding social and psychological history, or in simpler words, a patient-centred approach rather than disease-centered approach. Of course when I have been trained for 1 solid year with disease-centred approach, currently in FM, the issue of empathy, digging and continue digging on abuse, issue of compliance and such seems like a very big, hard-to-handle deal. When a patient comes with persistent hypertension, you should suspect stress-related condition e.g family problem rather than...the patient doesn't even care about his/her BP thus the dumping of his/her antihypertensive tablets into the dustbin. When one see a purpura on the skin of a patient, one should suspect abuse rather than a fall or a senile purpura. When one sees a pregnant lady with poor spacing, one should suspect some degree of depression in the mother, blaming her husband for being so incosiderate and such. Sometimes thing doesn't reflect the real scenario. I really want to have my own baby but Abang is extremely worried because he won't be around to lend his helping hands. If I get pregnant, should he be blamed? I'm placing him in a tight situation and yet the society is being judgmental. The Doctors will be judgmental (Hehe abang jgn mare k :p) That was just a real time example. Ahh as a doctor, I have to learn to be a nosy person.

The problem with staying up late at night is one can't stop consuming some calories. I continue on from Pisang goreng to keropok lekor to Cocopie to Munchy oat cookies to biskut beras ahh it's and endless grievous list. The only thing that is retarded is the progression of my case write up. Ahh and thinking of my video recording tomorrow (we have to record a video while clerking a patient and show the video in the class during video session)..

I should b going back to my case report huuuu. Doing the countdown. Looking forward Abang's arrival :) Missing Abang like mad huu

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