Today's pessimism

I shouldn't feel too happy in view of my unfinished case write-up. And yet I'm thinking of starting the second one huu because I'm pretty sure I won't have time to do it when Athiq is around ~sigh~ a not so hectic life of Family Medicine nowadays but yet tiring.. I wonder why. How I hope Athiq will appear this instant right in front of me huu~ Another 9 days that of course are perceived as 9 years before his arrival, really I can't wait for that moment! May Allah be with us along the way..

Family Medicine isn't that bad. Especially when I have started to feel at ease roaming the KK Beserah compound plus lazing around and socializing with my group mates in the discussion room (uprolling my eyeballs. Huh, such a blissful life) Well, the scandal was there, yet I feel indifferent. I guess people can spit on my face and I can remain feeling indifferent huu. A very schizophrenic trait which I'm having- living in my own world haha (with my family of course).

Lately I enjoy the clinic posting so much. Especially when Dr Aznan takes the class. Why? Empowering. Because I feel that he gives us chances to handle patients, of course under his supervision. And I am currently feeling very excited to manipulate the Ultrasound machine hahaha (Ah-Long Dude, we definitely have an important mission before the posting ends!! :P)

And today Ah-Long Dude and me spent quality time in the Emergency Room, doing wound dressing (incompetently of course) and venepuncture. Of course my patient, a nenek who had diabetic foot 'berleter' throughout the procedure because she was not really confident in me hahaha, I just pretended that I was deaf. In this kind of thing where skill is needed, you won't get the skill if you don't practise. And in the process of acquiring the skill, of course many will complain. It is as if they are made to be 'guinea pig'. It's quite true in a sense. As if I have other options... (sigh again).

I am still brooding over the Ulu Tembeling riverine trip, especially when Abang will be in Kedah for 1 week while I face the river with fear, and phobia and anxiety huu that is so unfair :(. I am hoping for the impossible- for him to join the trip. What a pathetic childish wish.

Anyway, Good Luck Abang in your final exam :) Do your best! Happy Fasting everybody

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