Iman sebesar cawan?

I hope there's nothing wrong with me brooding here AGAIN. Hey I haven't used today's dose by the way huu. Today is the worst so far I think. Nothing much except that I feel a bit uneasy when my private life is being discussed and pried into huhuuu. And it seems like I haven't learnt a thing throughout my 4 years of MBBS. No doubt the terrible feeling. Of course that's the case when a student choose to fall in love with another student. Suprisingly I have no regret with regards to the 'romance over knowledge' issue. Haha because I enjoy having abang soo much, no doubt :D Well, probably next tuesday promises a brighter day -sigh-

Ramadhan Ramadhan do come my way and bring along with you sakeenah and rahmah. At least let me experience the peaceful feeling that have long gone. Looking forward celebrating Ramadhan with abang.. And expand a bit (if possible) iman sebesar cawan.

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