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I want to delete these photos from Lavender-kun's memory.. thus the uploading activity :D

A Family Medicine trip to an old folk charity institution today taught me a lot regarding old folks, or more specific: abandoned old folks. We started our journey to Al Muktafi Billah Shah (AMBS) town (That was the first time I listened to such~~~ name. Never knew before that the town existed huhuuu) at 7.20am, arrived there at around 9.30am, after having our breakfast at the nearby stall. We were given a briefing about the place before we went to the wards. There were 4 wards in total. And my experience upon entering the first ward? My feeling? Everyhting was so pitiful. I was wondering how could the family just abandon them?... Memang sedih bila masuk ward ni...

Next we went to a ward which was much much much better than the first (becuase the residents were mostly sociable :) and well groomed). We picked cases and clerked. To be truthful I think I chit chatted with the nenek rather than clerking her huhu. A 71 year old widow with no children (takde rezqi anak).. she was very appreciative of our visit which made me feel so happy. But of course what she hid behind that happiness.. Wallahua'lam. And I knew some cases whereby the children sent them and never come back.. We were lectured on birrul walidain (by the nenek), that one shouldn't forget the parents no matter what. I am sure I learnt much more on humanity compared to clinical medicine.. alhamdulillah a tazkirah for those who are destined to be busy in the near future :) After that we followed Dr Aznan, looking at referred cases, it was a very joyful experience (haha only those who followed know the reason behind it ). At around 1.45pm we headed back. On the way back, they managed to persuade pak cik driver to stop at a very gigantic tasik. Tasik puteri or besi or somthing that sounds similar to that huu. Me? Of course I refused to even leave the bus so I took a nap instead on the bus hehe. Reason? My family definitely knows why :p Well the lake was so big, and it didn't appear that safe huuu.

Some of the students walking towards the wards
Well, what else do we do in Family Medicine Posting??
Going to KK of course!! Evidenced by this picture:

A stall located few hundred metres from KK Balok :p Enjoying the ABC and keropok lekor huh?? Hehe
This was when I joined Papisma Medical Check-up 3 weeks ago if I'm not mistaken.. in Rompin

In the car on the way to Rompin.

This was where the medical checkup activity took place.

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