Melancholic Mood. Now it's the baby talk

I can't decide whether I enjoy Family Medicine or not. I guess it isn't as hectic as Ortho (because I understand that Ortho students are undergoing an unimaginable torture haha), but still relaxation isn't equal to joy. Sometimes I think I kinda miss paying a visit to HTAA huhuu.
KK Beserah isn't that bad by the way in view of the fact that we mingled with urine(S) for the whole half day today, practically helping the lab stuff doing UFEME, dipstix test n such. And I for the first time poked the vein of Ah-Long Dude!! Haha, while she poked mine as well, and feeling at home and soo at ease utilizing the FBC machine, analyzing our own blood sample. Hahaha what can be more exciting?

By the way the negative feeling due to my extremely lousy seminar presentation yesterday persists. An undelicious aftertaste that lingers yuckk. Well as usual its the failure of preparation issue. It was on Erectile Dysfunction (yup it was obscene, and I enjoyed it to the most!!). I guess that was the main reason I kept procrastinating in preparing the slides until the day of the presentation. The stuff was a bit unfavourable huhu. The nauseous experience which forced me to adopt a sitting sleeping position wasn't supporting me at all. Never mind, at least i'm done with the seminar, Alhamdulillah :)

Well, the fact that one of my lecturer has a 'fixed false belief or make-belief' that I'm pregnant, is getting on my nerve nowadays huu. And I had to make a sheepish remark in the lecture hall that I'm not a pregnant lady huu. And I'm not susceptible to serious H1N1 illness insyaAllah. Why me? Why not Wani? Why???? Although at times (or more truthful, 'most of the time') I am hoping that it is true huu and I can't counter the depression of getting repeated negative UPT result.. The Dr kept saying that whenever a woman come to you with depression, the diagnosis is Pregnancy haha. That's absurd! Well, what's the point of getting married if you don't want to become a parent, isn't it? -Sigh- Another little talk with another lecturer today, pertaining to the issue of parenting kind of lit up my hope a bit.. just a bit.. because he asked me regarding my plan to have a baby and made it sound like "What's the problem of having a baby? No problemo" And for that little hope which I am trying to cling on to.. ahh it produces chest tightness which is unbearable.. maybe I should just forget about the issue.

Ahh I'm eagerly waiting for something to happen.......... :) Definitely not the Ulu Tembeling Riverine Trip!!!!! Can I escape that trip? huuu


wani ca said...

it's not me bcos d fact that im married is still concealed from them lecturers ;p

Ummu Ameer said...

haha don't be too happy wani coz i baru bocorkan kat Dr Aznan :p Dia tnye kat I, "You ni ke the one yg dah kawen tu?" I kata "Which one? Ada 2 org da kawen" haha. he was surprised, so dia tnye siapa, I ckpla U!!

'atiqah said...

It's good when u r supported by that lecturer. Huu~ tkah pula kena 'bom' dgn lecturer, bertanyakan kenapa perlu kahwin dan ada anak. She asked me, 'u all takde keje lain ke nak buat?'..n bla..bla..bla..n i replied, 'there's owez a risk..' ape2pun..yang penting, buatla keputusan yang menggembirakan kita dan pasangan..itu je =) good luck ya! hee, tkah teruja dan suka.can't wait..wink!

Hazwani said...