[WARNING: A wife's personal rambling]

[WARNING: This is a personal rambling]

I am still thinking of a dream which I had 2 days ago. it was abang's radix coco. Because I like crying so much, when Abang was around, he used to make a big cup of Radix Cocoa to 'pujuk' huhuu because he knew I like cocoa drink so much. Buat dalam cawan plastik oren yg besar with ices. And he would sprinkle some cocoa powder on top. Huu it was really delicious that I dream of it. Exactly the orange plastic cup, the ices and the sprinkled cocoa powder

At the clinic we were given the chance to clerk a patient with a history of domestic violence. If you think the patient is a woman, then you are definitely wrong. HE. A 20-something man who married a 20-something woman. The wife cheated on the husband and got pregnant, the husband was very depressed and tried to commit suicide.. it was a typical case anyway, but still... Something about the case, and someone comparing the case with our (abang and me) condition left me in such an unstable mood. I just can't explain what is it, it's neither anger nor sad, neither anxiety nor depression, it's just... unexplainable.. But 1 thing for sure, it makes me appreciate abang more and more, it makes me miss abang more and more and it makes me --- more and more.. Kerinduan yang amat sangat kat abang, wallahua'lam (He knows Best!!)...

What really touched my heart was when the Dr mention that one of his patient (a man who also had a similar marital problem) said, "How could she give my Right (haq) to other man???" Really it is extremely depressing, and I wonder, do I really and strictly take good care of Abang's haq as a my superb husband? For him only, and only for him?.. Continue crying.. Being a wife is definitely not as simple as ABC especially when you are not sure whether you have done your best to fulfill your husband's Haq. Of course not in our case, based on mutual consent :)

Well some people are wondering why am I being so open about our relationship. Simply because there's no such thing in the Islamic Syariat that says "Don't tell others about your marital relationship" (the only prohibited thing is to tell others your bedroom secret). Even Aisyah (ummul mukminin r.a) told Rasulullah about 9 wives who tell about the good things and bad things of their husbands' (without mentioning name) for the purpose of taking some ibrah. One has the option whether to read it or not but I will continue writing anyway huuu. As for me, I do something that is lawful, so why not? Well, probably because I think I had enough of premarital quarrels with abang haha (truthfully we launched World War before our marriage haha, Ummi je la yang tau and selalu jadi orang tengah huu. Bergaduh tak habis2 sebab nak bercinta dah tak boleh haha. I wrote more about us before marriage in so now is the time for revenge hehe.

I used to practise ghaddul basr (lowering of the gaze), but now that I have a handsome husband (semua husband pun handsome in their wives' eyes, don't worry :D), why shouldn't I find the satisfaction in studying his face? Ini baru la cuci mata yg sebenarnya, bukan cam org lelaki yg mata keranjang k, lagi merosakkan hati ade la. P/s seriously abang semakin handsome skrg sejak dia ada rambut mcm porcupine hehehe :p

I never touched an ajnabi man before, now that I have someone whom I can touch, why shouldn't I make myself happy in doing so? Pegang tangan 24 jam pun takpe :D

We never had the chance to act lovey-dovey to each other before, so now that we are able to do so, why not? Nak panggil sayang sejuta kali pun no problem

The issue is, whenever an unmarried couple appears publicly, showing love and affection to each other, nobody raise any question. It seems normal. When a married couple act all lovey-dovey, people start to give a weird stare- as if "Eh dah kawen pun gatal lagi?" APA SEMUA NI????

As for me, I really like it when Abang says, "HALAL!" :D Macam dapat kelulusan SIRIM plak hahaha

Abang yang handsome dgn rambut porcupine! Ni gambar abang waktu dia g buat lwtn ambil belajar kat farm kot.. bersempena subject yg dia amek Animal Health. Dah rindu tak dpt jumpa, tengok gambar pun ok la :D
I said: Abang, kambing tu comel laa
Abang said: Errkkk?? Sayang, itu keldai la!!!
I said: huuuu...... macam kambing je....


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