Cheap offer. Of course it's cheap because it's an OFFER!!

I am stealing this opportunity to write something, because I know 1 or 2 people are anxiously waiting for some kind of evolution/ new stock to appear on this page huu. It's now 10:46am, WEDNESDAY. Hey it's the office hour of a working day! and here I am blogging. Today is my 3rd day of Family Medicine posting, obviously I should be in KK Beserah (where I am posted for 5 weeks).

For the past few days, since the last time I put up the last post, I've been dying to jot down some titbits. For example, how was the Nasyeed Concert? Oh it was great, I spent the night in bed with high temperature (I didn't attend it actually because I had fever, so 4 tickects down the bin. I guess it was A'thiq's doa hehe as he was very reluctant to let me go for some reason which I am going to tell immediately after this haha)

His reason was "Memanglah itu konsert nasyid, tp still CONCERT. Abang risau nanti ada percampuran lelaki perempuan. Abang risau, kalaulah ayang pergi tempat camtu, and ditaqdirkan meninggal kat situ.. macam meninggal dunia dlm keadaan tak mulia (kemaksiatan??)" Huu abang...!!!! Abang, your wish was granted by Allah the Almighty! :)

And almost the whole family was down with ILI (Influenza Like Illness) during the weekend. Please be patient everybody, especially Ummi and Abah who had very high temperature. I have just recently recovered from tonsillitis and ILI, but became infected by the virus again arghhh. This time around cough was more prominent. I think I disturbed the whole class with my cough (huuuuu). 

However after I arrived in UIA from home last Sunday, new symptoms started to show up. I woke up during the night with extreme nausea and throw up till almost Subuh. Plus diarrhea. Its neither anorexia nervosa nor bullimia because I'm still feeling serene for maintaining my pre-marriage body weight. Having initially thought it was due to the feverish body, I assumed I needed to report to the clinic the next day, but then the the fever subsided except for few fluctuating temperatures. But the puking occasion continued. Well, my roomates who were awaken up during the extremely early morning by the unmusical sound of vomiting started to wonder I guess whether I am pregnant. Truthfully I start to wonder myself (plus the worry) whether I am really... you know haha. Especially when I started to feel nausea during clinic hours.

Oh common medical student, don't be ridiculous haha. I am finally relieved when I realized that I have not been taking Cimetidine for a long time. No wonder of the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. I thought the gastritis has long resolved. A visit to UIAM clinic today presented me with a prescription of Losec (Omeprazole) Haha I guess that would be my slimming pill for the time being. Plus MC (Medical Certificate). 

Truthfully the Dr was quite surprise when I told her my chief complaint was 'sakit perut'. 

Dr: Maryam, awak datang bukan sebab batuk, selesema, demam ke???? (Haha I guess nowadays everybody come with the chief complain of cough, flu and fever)

Me: No.

Dr: Awak takde symptom tu ke?

Me: Ada. Dah lama. Tp itu tak penting, Dr.

Dr: Tak penting???? Habis apa yg penting??

Me: Sakit perut ni yg penting (I even carried the plastic bag from K.Ana's cafe, because I felt like throwing up all the time huuu)

Then I was given a lecture that should I have the symptoms of ILI, I should go to the clinic and take a week break. I was persuaded to take a 1 week break, JUST BECAUSE I HAVE COUGH!! Huu demam pun dah takde.. Of course I won't feel happy when I think of my 1 week MC while my colleagues (especially Ah-Long Dude) are vigorusly filling up their logbooks at the clinic!!!

Me: Dr, susahlah kalau cuti seminggu. Saya banyak lecture, nak penuhkan logbook lagi etc..

Dr: Sebabtula tak baik2 awak ni, because you refuse to take a rest. Just take a week break, don't think of classes. Ini arahan Dean, Prof Fauzi ni..

Me: Aaaa????

I was even told to do a Chest X Ray should the cough continue for 1 month. Now I am suspected of having TB??? Huuu definitely no TB workout for me!! I meet people with URTI symptoms everyday- in the class, at the toilet, in my own hostel room, in my own house, in the clinic, in the cafe.. basically everywhere! No wonder of the prolonged and relapsing cough and flu huu. 

And finally the nurse asked for my confirmation for so many times, "Maryam betul ke MC awak ni satu hari je? Skrg kita tgh OFFER ni.." Huh? Is there such thing?- Offer of MC! And now I feel happy with only 1 day MC :p Such over-propagated pandemic of H1N1~ H1N1 is realbut don't be too everwhelmed k :)


Anonymous said...

TB huh..never thought of dat..i've hving coughing for 3 weeks already...fever come and go.. possible.. i should go to the clinic while the offer still stand.. haha

Ummu Ameer said...

If u r a medical student, mayb u wud want to give a second thought to the quarantine issue, because quoting from someone...

Ada Dr of specialized posting kata (since specialized posting consists of 2 weeks only for each specialization)

"If you dah MC seminggu, 50% of the whole posting burnt. So you should do remedial"

Waa I don't want to do a remedial posting unless Allah has decided something else for me e.g failing an exam who knows.. Nak elective kat jordan!! huuuuuuu

Anonymous said...

but shud u really have it (pray to Allah you wud not) then is it wise to choose that over the safety of others and urself? but i guess it is a dilemma suffered by all who r called medical students...huhu