It has been a while since I temporarily stop blogging.. it's hard to write when I am occupied with abang, yup! He arrived home 3 weeks ago hehe after a failed surpirse (definitely he needs to work harder to surprise me huu). I clearly remember when one morning, in the bus on the way to KK Beserah, I said something to a friend that sounded like "There's something fishy about abang.. I think he's coming home today" (that was supposed to be 4 days before his expected flight) but of course I didn't want to have too much of a hope, so I tried to act cool.. until a sequence of fishy events occured and I couldn't resist but to confirm his presence in Malaysia huuuu. That was 3 weeks ago :) To my own surprise, we have actually spent time together much longer compared to after our marriage hehe (he flew back to Jordan after 2+ weeks of our marriage)

Spending Ramadhan with him is definitely something! Though I have to sincerely admit that nothing much (in terms of ibadah) can be done when a long-separated husband and wife meets each other again. We have so much to tell to each other that I think I can talk non-stop to him (which of course worsens the prognosis of my big mouth though that is not a big problem actually considering that abang talks much more than me?? eh hahaha), so many plans to be carried out in a short period (few weeks left before he'll be flying off again huu), and in the end we just feel too tired for routines. Performing tarawih in the mosque I think is the biggest challenge for us huuu.

He's doing Family Medicine posting now. It was wonderful when he joined me in KK Beserah, but now that I have moved to a new rotation which is Public Health posting, he's on his own :p Good news is Ulu Tembeling trip has been cancelled!!! How much more wonderful can it be when I have been brooding over the trip and very reluctant to go as well, Alhamdulillah :)

In this posting, my group is doing a research on H1N1 which spells endless and tiring field work ahead pheww. Yet I still have time to feel excited for the upcoming raya :) Our first raya together insyaAllah :) Truthfully I have a hard time convincing abang to buy baju melayu huu when i myself am not sure since when do I care about baju raya??? Probably it's the colour-matching thingy ngeh3. Shopping with him? That brought even a worse throbbing headache!! (well I insist in buying a wadrobe-full of clothes for a man who is not keen in shopping.. so I should earlier expect something not very favourable huh? hehe, at least I discover something about abang, he is not a shopaholic, sooo unlike me huu)

Well abang did learn to cook few things. When i look at the photos of him and the cooking utensils, I am reminded of photos of ummi and abah in their younger years especially in UK, when everything was on the floor (including the mattress) :p that's how everyhting start for most couples i guess.. from scratch. Especially when most things are unaffordable to them. And I am enjoying every second of it, maybe when we become financially stable 1 day, we'll always reminisce our early days together :p including abang masak pengat pisang guna rice cooker! Hmm he used to buy pengat pisang from bazar ramadhan (the frequency almost reached every day huu and I was not very happy because it was expensive so that was how we decided to make our own pengat pisang hehe) He was so proud of his own pengat pisang which he self-verified as TASTY and even planned to make a potful of pengat pisang for his friends for iftar hehehe

I'll probably write some more later :) As for now, selamat beribadah dalam 10 hari terakhir ramadhan!! :)

Hmm busy chef ni campurkan bahan

Ni lepas abang masak brown sugar dengan sagu

Tadaaaa!!!!!!!! Pengat pisang abang dah siap. let me make a testimonial: SEDAP!! :D

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