Jealousy is the worst policy!

If anybody is wondering of the sudden appearance of many posts today, head-scratching is definitely not needed here :p it equals to abang's absence. He went back to KL today, for some matters that he needs to settle, and I am stuck in Kuantan with classes that extend up to Saturday. How very unfortunate of me :(

I can't remember how many times he asked me today to value the remaining of ramadhan by increasing the intensity of ibadah, but here I am brooding over his absence and forcing myself to sleep huuu

We went to the playground (sebelah rumah je pun) with 2 CPGs- Hypertension for him and dyslipidemia for me. In the end we went back without even reading the first page because he was so busy on-call :p uruskan junior yg akan fly ke Jordan, and I was so busy taking his photos hahahaha

Again- busy arranging the new students huu. I really should adapt to this situation. He'll be busy with his career and simultaneously busy with islamic movement an works. Every muslim will be! I really should learn to be more independent emotionally. Every muslimah should!

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