What is Islamic what is Unislamic??

If i were given the chance to choose the theme of my blog, then i would choose 'bakery'. I guess that is 1 of the words that i like best. Truth is, most people judge a person through his/her writing. And they tend to be critical and conservational and theoretical as well (well i don't say everybody, i say most). 1 thing that i like most is the concept Islam ad Deen- Islam is a way of life. It surely makes our life more meaningful and brighter. What is best with this concept is, it makes me feel that i am a good muslim even when i am baking =P or reading story books. Or writing everyday experiences in my blog, treating it as a diary all along. And yet sometimes i feel that it is inadequate to just laze around, feeling grateful all the time and enjoy my own life without doing something serious for the betterment of the ummah, for Islam. Or writing a blog on heavy issues related to Islam.

People might agree or they might disagree with my way. And that leads to the question "For whom do you write this blog?" and which forces me to answer "I write for myself" haha. My message is simple- Islam is a guide of how should we live our lives. Each of us can do anything that we want as long as it abides by the shariah. Being a muslim doesn't spell the word OPPRESSION, but rather it symbolizes a true freedom within the boundary of worshipping Allah.

I am a muslimah who is striving to be a good one. Not to mention that each and every one of us should do the same. We make mistakes and we improvise.. that is the way I personally think should be- muhasabah and ishlah. Nothing wrong in sharing our ups and downs with others right?

And up to this moment, I still enjoy baking very much. Does that sounds too un-Islamic? =) I dream of opening a bakery hahahaa. A baker with MBBS degree insyaAllah =P

But Pizza Hut says something that sounds like nothing is tastier than having a split personality (if i am not wrong). I guess they are quite right after all.

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